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WP Rocket – The Best Cache Plugin For WordPress

How can you make your WordPress website faster? Well, if you’re still using a generic shared web host, one of the most effective options will, of course, be to simply switch to a higher performance web host. But what if you just haven’t got the time or money to make the switch?

Well, luckily, there is something else you can do that’s extremely quick and easy — something that requires next-to-no technical know-how whatsoever! I’m talking, of course, about using a caching plugin – WP Rocket

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is an excellent, easy to configure WordPress caching plugin. It simply works, no time consuming setup process, no blank pages or database errors.

A Caching plugin is almost certain to be among the first set of plugins installed by a WordPress site admin. The Popular WordPress caching plugin options for a long time have been W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Hyper Cache and Quick Cache. Although these plugins seemed adequate, but you always feel there is room for improvement.

WP Rocket unlike the other plugins is a premium WordPress caching plugin developed by a team of experts in web optimization; Julio Potier, Jonathan Buttigieg, and Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier.

The idea of creating another solution for speeding up WordPress is not surprising, research shows visitors don’t stick around if your page takes too long to load. The surprising issue here is that someone actually went ahead and created a premium caching plugin. This is huge!


WP Rocket costs $49/yr for a single site’s license, $99 for 3 sites and $199 for unlimited sites. But here we share it free for everyone.


After enabling the basic options of the plugin, this website was loading in just under 0.48s. I ran into some issues with minification, it made every word on the Genesis theme bold. Disabling the minification of CSS solved the problem. My webhost recommends WP Super Cache over W3TC, with Super Cache, this site averaged a load speed of 0.58s. In terms of Performance, WP Rocket beats WP Super Cache and other caching plugins.

wp rocket

Ease of Use

WP Rocket is very easy to set up. It takes just about five ticks to set up, all which is done in less than a minute. Once that is done, if you view page source, you get this awesome message on “This website is like a Rocket, isn’t ? Performance optimized by WP Rocket”.

wp rocket


Wp Rocket

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