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SocialMedia Market ICO – Influencer Marketing Blockchain

SocialMedia Market

The social media market is the world’s first decentralized marketplace that connects social media advertisers with bloggers through a fraud protected blockchain based platform.

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Social Media Market
 The social media market is the world’s first decentralized marketplace that connects social media advertisers with bloggers through a fraud protected blockchain based platform.
2018/02/09 05:00
2018/03/16 05:00
ETH 0.0004
16 000 ETH


Social Media Market ICO

The social media market is the world’s first decentralized marketplace that connects social media advertisers with bloggers through a fraud protected blockchain based platform. The platform aims to solve marketing problems by putting forth a new concept of creating opportunities for community engagement, content monetization and capturing target audience. With this new blockchain based ecosystem, social media market is going to streamline the market interaction between bloggers, influencers, and businesses.

SocialMedia Market

What is Social Media Market ICO – Concept

Social Media Market seeks to introduce a system through which marketing tools and procedures can be made more simplified. Influence marketing is supposed to be most cost-effective advertising solution, therefore, social media market helps advertisers and influencers by providing them transparent channel so they can connect conveniently. It also intends to keep the integration intact by reducing fraud elements and saving costs for all stakeholders.

How Does It Work?

It is estimated that a wisely spent $1 creates more than $11 in return. Social Media Market helps influencers or bloggers, irrespective of any geographical location and industry to communicate with advertisers, share innovative ideas with them and help them market their products to the masses more effectively.

Using smart media tokens, the platform enables marketers and bloggers to have a fraud protected, safe and fast medium for undergoing transactions by saving up to 30% budget loses. Usually, these losses result from low efficiency, complicated transactions and complex partnership relations between businesses and influencers. The social media market is going to be the ultimate solution for running marketing campaigns over social media platforms.

Earn Social Media Market Tokens

People who wish to earn social media market tokens can do so by participating in the launching ceremony of the ICO which is expected to take place in February 2018. At the time of writing this review, almost 31 days are left in the launch of the ICO. The ICO’s pre-sale has already been concluded and the ICO has managed to raise ETH 1286.86 successfully.

Buy Social Media Market Tokens With E-Wallet

Social Media Market’s token is based on ethereum and ethereum is a cryptocurrency. Therefore, people wishing to buy social media market tokens need to have an e-wallet account first. Many companies are offering free electronic wallets these days. Buyers can open an e-wallet with any reputable company. To buy social media market tokens, you will have to buy bitcoin or ethereum first and then exchange send to the social media market ICO, once the ICO is over you will be sent your social media market tokens to the wallet you create.

The ICO Distribution

The ICO planned to launch its sale following two phases. As per the available information, sale phase -1 launched in December has already been completed. The ICO planned to raise at least 2 Million SMTs during its first sale. A hard capping for 1st sale was defined as 10 Million SMTs.

The second phase of the sale of the ICO tokens is expected to take place on February 9th, 2018. The minimum funding target of the ICO for its second sale is the same as that of its 1st sale. However, the hard capping for the second phase of sale has been re-defined and it is set as 30 Million SMTs with 1 SMTs being equal to ETH 700.

Please note that the ICO have added all unsold tokens during the phase-1 sale to the phase-2 sale. However, any unsold tokens at the end of the 2nd phase will be burned.

Bonus Offer

The ICO has already provided bonuses to buyers who participated in the phase-1 sale of the ICO. The ICO won’t provide any bonus in its second phase of the sale.

Team Members

The ICO has five core team members as mentioned below;

  1. Dmitry Shyshov is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the ICO.
  2. Alexandra Morozova is also the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Social Media Market.
  3. Anna Koval is a marketing communications expert at Social Media Market
  4. Viktor Perekhod is manager business development
  5. Maksym Churkin is a Tech Lead in the ICO.

Token Reserve Split (100%)

  • 30% token reserve split will be offered during the sale of Phase 1
  • 50% token reserve split will be offered during the second Phase of the sale
  • 15% token reserve split will be kept aside for core functionalities of the platform
  • 05% token reserve split is to be kept for advisors and partners

Invest in Social Media Market

Social Media Market is going to introduce the world a modern way of running marketing campaigns and targeting the right audience. Based on blockchain technology and powered by smart contracts social media market will surely make the difference.

Bonus 10% will end soon, register now

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    • Négatif, Pastelle, tu ne devrais pas avoir une demande d'autorisation – comme avec JCM – mais le seul message "Error establishing a database connection"…Oui, Michèle, je vais poster ici ; mais c'est Samedi et je suis avec mine Sister en Californie… En tous cas, merci pour ta vigilance et ta veille à répondre aux amis !!!

    • Vakker baby – vakert navn 🙂 Og alle smÃ¥ prinsesser kler en bøtte pÃ¥ hode, uansett tid pÃ¥ døgnet ! NÃ¥ fikk jeg veldig lyst Ã¥ reise til varmere strøk.. God helg 🙂

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    • That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for cobiuinrttng.

    • Takk for besøk og koselig helsing i bloggen. Den apotekhistoria er det nok dessverre veldig mange som kjenner seg igjen i. Ikkje tru det er mindre pinlig Ã¥ stÃ¥ bak alltid. eg kom bak ein mann som over disk prøvde Ã¥ fÃ¥ hjelp med inkontinensutstyr som lekker…

    • She is amazing! I wonder if it is more common to be as independent as she is because of having MDs compared to Ds. I love that she has your family as her own! I remember when I first met her about 5 years ago when I was seeing a patient and she was visiting him–I think she told me he was her boyfriend. It was amazing that she was living in her own apartment all on her own. Happy Birthday Dawn!

    • You ARE amazing! 1 hr!?!? I was too nervous when I made my first frame purse (a cute curvy coin purse Lisa Lam design from Cloth Mag)!Loving the laminate…..must get me some! No! Must wait and clear to-make list first!!

    • I have concerns about Trader Joe’s. The customer service desk stands over the floor as prison guards from Auschwitz. Then they ring the bell and then several customers are escorted to the “refrigerator”. Finally, I asked for shoppers club card, and they said that they would give me a alphamumeric tattoo on my forearm….I was a little creeped out….JJ says:June 14, 2011 at 9:20 amTrader Joe’s is owned by a huge German Supermarket chain which is why they do stuff like have advent calenders. I always find it funny that jewish people love trader joes.

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    • Can’t really judge … Can’t really judge that well based on image previews shown on YouTube videos, but I find it amazing that 5-digit ISO levels are a viable option now. I can’t even push myself to go beyond ISO 1600 on my entry level camera.

    • Helene:Ingen Ã¥rsak og selv takk. :)Kristina: Det er godt Ã¥ høre at flere svetter over tilsynelatende smÃ¥ oppgaver i hverdagen som blir til de skrekkeligste kamper. Felles skjebne, felles trøst.

    • Sorry to laugh at your childhood pain, but a brick! Ha! And I love your mom’s decorating idea, totally stealing that for next year. My mom told me there wasn’t a Santa in first or second grade but I remember being okay with it. I think part of it was that my parents still kept up with the traditions of Santa and we do them to this day (unwrapped presents, stockings, etc).

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    • Ron we definitely should talk more when you get time, I applaud your vigilance and youre a true inspiration to myself and others. But i definitely have some suggestions and ideas after watchign this video and would love to share more information with you.

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    • Just received my Valentine’s gift… and it blew me away. The photos make her not only fetching, but the real essence was brought out as well. So beautiful and so inviting, that’s what I like.

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    • très modestement, Maurice Allais avait tout compris en 1997, et Jacques Rueff nous avait alerté dès 1971…Pas la peine de faire polytechnique pour prédire que la vie à crédit à long terme finit toujours mal, notez…

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    • Jeg ville bare lige sige at jeg virkelig godt kan nikke genkendende til de modstridende ønsker, mennesket sjovt sat sammen, man ønsker noger sÃ¥ inderligt, men modkæmper det alligevel..

    • You must be kidding. Don’t you ever help people for free ? I mean, your brother, your mother, your best friend ? Do you ask for money when you help a family member move some piece of furniture ? Look after their kids ? Decorate their home ?I think such an article should help people draw the line between free assistance and paid work, not encourage them to be obnoxious scroungers.

    • Thank you as always, Squirrel.I do feel the need to shake things up a bit more, though. 🙂 All this “he saw X” and “he suddenly realized Y” and “he woke up and Z happened” stuff is driving me a little crazy.

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    • Whisperinggums, I never have been much for conspiracies in spite of being a big fan of the X-Files I get frustrated too over book and reading pessimism. books and reading have been on the verge of death for so many generations that it is kind of like Henny Penny clucking about the sky falling.

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    • I just recently moved into a “new to me” house. My friends and family encouraged me to move in and THEN decide what I wanted to do and in what order. I’m SO glad I did because there are a LOT of things I want to do (like outside lighting) before tearing out the eyesore that I originally thought was most important.Live with it for awhile. You may find that other things are more important than a tiny sink…..but WOW, ARE THEY TINY! LOL!BTW, that is a BEAUTIFUL house! Sounds like you got an INCREDIBLE deal!

    • Keep it up guys I would have never thought that you could get me out of all my current gas leases. I may have some other properties to discuss with you guys. Do you think you would be able to get me the same royalty percentages and signing bonuses as last time? Or have they gone up?

    • Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a forty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

    • Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my quseniots are answered!

    • Good luck to you both! We are not missionaries, but I kind of can relate to what you are feeling. We are military and move a lot. After the last 3 years in Germany, we have had to pack up all our stuff and move to storage as we head to Kuwait for 2 years. I must say I wasn’t the most excited about it. We were able to ship some things to make it feel like our home but I am quite anxious as I’m sure you both are. Best of luck to you! I will be watching for your post from Germany and interested to hear about your journey after living here.

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    • Francesa is a pompous jerk who purports to know everything when it comes to sports. His opinion is always right, so don’t disagree with him! Even when he gets something wrong (as he OFTEN does), he’ll spin his way out of his mistake.

    • Wow.. that is great news. Congratulations. Just a quick suggestion for a blog entry, why don’t you post a list of things that makes you blog and what keeps the passion going, would be great read for want-to-be-bloggers like me.

    • Baby2Baby is amazing and I am so glad The Honest Company gives a portion of every dollar to this great charitable organization! I also love the packaging and no more Elmo soap in my “Adult” bathroom.

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    • . Publix is the largest privately-held company in Florida with noteworthy management. They started an ONLINE grocery business called PublixDirect in 2001. They shut-down that business in 2003 because of poor results and never tried it again……do you really think Gary Calhoun, with a history of failed direct marketing businesses (over $400,000.00 of judgments against him) has been “born again”? He needs to start a new scam (MPB) to pay off the debts of his previous scams!

    • Plusieurs points:Si la prestation des bleus a été très convaincante, le score reste très flatteur. Cela aurait pu être un 20 – 9 vu la physionomie du match.Je pense aussi que la prestation en demi-teinte des australiens est du au changement de défense du XV de France. C’est (il me semble) la première fois que l’équipe n’utilisait pas le fameux système Lagisquet, le « mur biarrot ». Les montées rapides ont vraiment sembler les surprendre.Et plus simplement, cette équipe a de la gueule…

    • mioddio, ma avete così tanto bisogno di avere qualcuno che vi dica cosa pensare? Non esiste il poter criticare una persona anche se la si stima? No, QUALSIASI cosa facciano o dicano a seconda Santoro, Travaglio o Grillo e’ verita’ incontestabile e indiscutibile. E se li si critica si e’ o invidiosi o servi prezzolati. Il problema non sono certo santoro, travaglio e grillo, che fanno il loro lavoro, il problema sono i loro seguaci acritici e lobotomizzati, esattamente l’altra faccia del berlusconismo idiota; che tristezza.

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    • סימפון is invoked as a possibility that the marriage may be retroactively determined to be void, and an ארוסה must therefore not eat תרומה, since she may turn out to have never actually been married (כתובות × ×–:‏). The fact that if the husband has a defect, the wife may be entitled to sue for divorce, does not retroactively invalidate the marriage, and theres is therefore no problem with regard to תרומה.There may be other contexts of סימפון and ביטול קידושין due to מומין, but this would be my initial response.


    • Puff puff… k, I’m exhausted but that was well worth the walk. The magnificent views! So pretty and the weather behaved perfectly. Stunning photos and I am so glad you had taken us along on this amazing stroll! wow…

    • Garrit, parabéns pela matéria. Concordo com você quando você diz que os tablets podem andar juntos com os quadrinhos impressos. Por exemplo, sou um leitor assíduo dos scan, onde acompanho toda semana os lançamentos da DC e da Marvel lá fora. Mas também não abro mão de comprar aquela revista tão esperada na banca de revista. Acredito também que a defasagem que existe em relação aos quadrinhos que saem por aqui faz com nos voltemos mais aos quadrinhos virtuais do que os impressos. Mas ai já é outro problema.

    • I’m against busi­nesses tak­ing polit­i­cal standsUmmm… for Chick­Fila, isn’t this sup­posed to be a reli­gious stand?Not that there’s much dif­fer­ence between those two in the mod­ern “evan­gel­i­cal” com­mu­nity, who no longer even make a token effort to dis­guise the fact that their “reli­gion” is almost totally polit­i­cal (and vice-​​versa.)

    • arrasa essa combinação, bem!super uso em dias quentes (pq é foda ficar com o pé roxo por ae no frio ou pegar alguma doença na chuva, né?)é meu uniforme oficial pra ir à faculdade e, as vezes, me arrisco a ir a alguma balada mais sussa… tipo uma sarajevo, tapas…

    • I know some will cry out that this is just a grab for more money by the studio, but I don’t think Jackson would cut the movie into three parts if he didn’t think there was enough story or material to have it make sense. He’s talked about how they plan to use the appendicies from the LOTR novels to add more depth and context to the Hobbit in much the same way he did with LOTRs. No doubt he’ll also help set up things for the LOTR movie as well. Based on the amazing results of the first trilogy, I eagerly await these 3 new films!

    • I discovered Daughter of the Forest by chance while browsing the shelves at my library one day looking for something to read. The cover intrigued me so I decided to take a chance. From the first chapter I was hooked! I’m extremely glad I took a chance because now I’m a huge fan and love all Juliet Marillier’s books, but Sevenwaters is my favorite series to visit.

    • Wikipedia describes their genre as math rock. What a shitty genre.  What it should say is lush, rhythmic indie rock with a tribal heartbeat.  Not sure my made up genre is any better looking back at it now, this is really one of those records you just need to listen to. I’ve also seen comparisons to Animal Collective, I don’t agree with that at all either.  If anything at times I hear elements of Phish (see track Pigeon) and Rusted Root. Check out my original review here.

    • These look great!! You can use foil, though. I made a halloween bark last year using tinfoil and it peeled off just fine!

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    • Ok, ja nÃ¥gon gÃ¥ng ska man kanske bli först med nÃ¥got. Hoppas du kan ta bort den stora bilden och bara ha kvar lilla snäckan. Sen rör jag inte denna sida mer… ;o)

    • Old Salt 79 – 7:03 PMBoth Shabazz’s are of the same horrible ilk, regardless of outward appearance. I am still chuckling over your description of Samir S. not being able to get himself out of a wet paper bag if threatened – Hahaha. Who would have “thunk” that we would have to add this yet another enemy to face?

    • cmon they say: just move your body girl, i think it’s JB and i love this freaking song! And , bro you can take me 2 rio. defintly

    • Have any of you listened to the recording of Capella Romana’s Divine Liturgy in English? There’s a couple of “Thy”s and “Thine”s in there, but for the most part it’s common vernacular (at least to my ears) and works extremely well.

    • « Ne t’en fais pas, je reviendrais. » , le s du conditionnel est seulement macabre ou aussi volontaire que le militaire ne l’était pas? Sinon, gloire pas volée au grand petit bonhomme qui sortit Miller, l’oublié de la liste Passou qui lui a préféré AngelA Rinaldi… Que d’émotion!

    • Ótimo post! Fiquei feliz com a parte onde vc fala de hipocrisia, e cita o exemplo recente de uma marca que queria “dar presente” pra algumas blogueiras em troca de post. Tive uma abordagem que me deixou PASSADA na semana passada e imagino que tenha sido a mesma (me conta! hahaa).

    • Szanowny panie Siewco, nigdzie w temacie nie jest napisane aby nie komentować, szczególnie że od razu można rozwiac pewne wÄ…tpliwoÅ›ci że coÅ› już jest zrobione, oraz że coÅ› innego nie ma szans na zmianÄ™/pojawienie…

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    • Wow you have been very productive! Lovely LO's. Love the look of the twine and how you used the paper packaging off the EP paper. Congrats on being a Special Investigator at CSI. I was very happy to see this on Friday night. Your reveal LO is stunning! Now go and rest! 😉

    • Celso Azevedo • 1 de Junho de 2011 às 19:43Olá Rafael,se você está a receber os posts por email quer dizer que estáparticipando na newsletter. Se não está a receber, terá que fazer asubscrição novamente.

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    • My god some of you people are shallow. They might look odd for hollywood, but if you saw any one of these people walking down the street without make up on they’d probably still look more attractive than most other people. They all have big eyes, little noses, girly lips and the perfect facial structure. They wear make up because people like you exist. Take a look at your own face in the mirror.

    • My aunt introduced me to this in Lake Placid on a trip. She served it with her homemade chili. I loved it. I love marscarpone cheese so much but thought I hated polenta. Not any more! I have to try this at home now.

    • It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this fantastic blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will share this site with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

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    • conexaoparis disse:JaneMe envie por email os dados da sua compra. Tem uma compra feita por Jane mas não sei se é você e não vou colocar aqui os dados porque são sigilosos.Meu email

    • I absolutely love her in the 1931 Possessed with Gable. She’s marvelous in just about everything I’ve seen. Sudden Fear, lousy clothes aside, is wonderful. Joan was a real trouper in wevery sense of the word. I need to get the Conversations book and am thrilled, THRILLED a new bio is on the way, it’s long overdue.

    • Dimitrov vient de gagner le 4ème et donc le match contre Anderson. Il a breaké cette fois: 6-3…Davy a pris 6-1 au premier contre la Murène..Il a gagné 1 point sur 11 secondes balles. Autrement dit, quand il ne passe pas sa première, c’est mort…Et lui n’a gagné que trois points sur le service de la Murène..Il se fait donc marcher dessus comme c’est pas permis..Merci d’être venu quand même Davy !

    • Que pasadaaa todo iluminado!! Las vistas desde el castillo me han impresionado! Me hubiera gustado escuchar esa historia y poder patinar sobre la pista!! Feliz Navidad!!!

    • A lire sur le site Atlantico :[…] les champions toutes catégories des congés sont les fonctionnaires. Dans les hôpitaux publics, les fonctionnaires bénéficient en moyenne de 44 jours annuels. Dans les collectivités locales, de 45 jours. Dans les services de l’Etat, de 48 jours, soit 8 semaines annuelles de congé.On est en crise, mais pas partout manifestement….

    • Cebolla, qué buen comentario dejaste, ojalá todos los lectores fueran tan lúcidos como vos. Es muy interesante lo que decís acerca de la venganza, no lo había pensado así.saludos!

    • Oui elle est réactivée…Godaddy c’est bien poru acheter un nom de domaine mais leurs autres services sont tres ordinaire et leur service a la clientèle est a peu pres inexistant

    • Liza Jenkins – Your engagement photo’s are fabulous! You two make a striking couple. Love the vintage attire and can’t wait to meet the young man the swept your heart away by train! So happy for both of you. Congratulations!!! – Liza

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    • Is Anne Paulk still doing her Ex-Lesbian schtick? I thought she divorced John a few months ago? Anybody know anything about her?I’m an atheist and I’m convinced Hutcherson is demon possessed.

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    • Everyone must be so excited at your house with the upcoming wedding events!And YES! "I get you" with the linens and threads and weathered oyster basket… makes my heart swoon! 😉

    • Buna Oana, am si eu o intrebare te rog …as vrea sa-mi dai si mie mai multe detalii despre anticonceptionalele Yasmin… dori sa stiu si parerea ta. Si daca le pot luat fara un consult medicat ,sin fara acea pauza de 7 zile despre care tot am citit si auzit .Multumesc!

    • Beans were my girls fave for protein. In fact, one daughter wouldn’t touch her first birthday cake and since I REALLY wanted her first “smash the cake”pics, I ended up putting cannellini beans on top of her cake so it at least LOOKED like she was eating the frosting (she was really just picking off the beans!! )

    • You look so adorable! Just a few more weeks to go I’m at 34 weeks and feels like time is just going to fast and there is so much to be done! I will try to post pictures and post about it soon, maybe tomorrow, so I’ll link up if i do![]

    • Ferrer sauve trois balles de debreak, la deuxième sur un superbe revers long de ligne…On voit bien néanmoins que le seul moyen pour Berdych de le déstabiliser est de frapper long de ligne en revers, surtout si Ferrer était de ce côté là au coup d’avant et qu’il est pris à contre pied..Il faut vraiment que Berdych insiste là dessus. Il a l’air de comprendre : il en a fait deux dans ce jeu…

    • I could just imagine Amy at the picnic, trying to scoot up to Sonic to be as close as she can and just kiss him on the cheek or profess her love for him :3I’ve been reading too many fanfics recently :/

    • [quote comment=”44351″]Disons simplement que 17 000 000 de français seront vite consolés si la France perd en pensant que ça emmerdera Sarko.[/quote]c’est cela.17 millions de français sont assez cons pour croire que ce qui emmerde vraiment sarkozy c’est une défaite au rugby.c’est cela les 53% en face sont assez cons pour croire qu’un mauvais sélectionneur fera un bon ministre et qu’il est forcément compétent (en dehors des casinos, hein)?

    • sarah dah x de taste ke hehehe…nabil ngan irma aku leh tima….sarah ngan shuib?….hurmm…ke sarah nak tumpang glamor shuib sbb dia dah tenggelam huhu

    • I have to say i really didnt like this creepy pasta. It just seemed…Boring? And stupid? But thats just me. I mean thats stuff everyone uses. Hourly too. So its like “OMGS!!! SOMEONE IN ANOTHER WORLDS CLONING ME LIKE EVERYTIME I SAY SOMTHING RELATED TO MY NAME!!???” Lamee.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 7 votes)

    • //அதிகபட்சம் புலிகள் தப்பி போகும் மக்களை சுட்டார்கள், சிறுவர்களை இராணுவத்தில் சேர்த்தார்கள் என்றுதான் //ஏன்டா நாயே உனக்கு தப்பிப் போகும் மக்களை புலிகள் சுட்டது அப்படி என்ன ஏளனமாப் போச்சோ? நீ இதுவும் கதைப்பாய் இன்னமும் கதைப்பாய். வெளிநாட்டிள போய் வெள்ளக்காரன்ற மலத்த அள்ளி பிழப்ப நடத்திற நீயெல்லாம் ஏன்றா ஈழத் தமிழனைப் பற்றிக் கதைக்கிற.

    • Sonntag, 3. April 2011 um 17:03Ich weiß ja nicht ob man sich wirklich auf ein Sequel freuen sollte, bin aber natürlich trotzdem gespannt was da Pixar mal wieder hervor zaubern wird, bei Toy Story war die Fortsetzung ja auch sehr gut.  CandideZitiere

    • Or, you could, you know, use a decent protection program like Malwarebytes Antimalware (which is free) and Miscrosoft Security Essentials (which is also free). This bit screams fearmongering, since weather you're at a hotel, overseas, or here at home, the net is the same everywhere. There's a saying, east coast or west, the sea is still blue and wet.

    • This week’s candidate forum is not a debate. You will learn nothing new about the candidates. Jim Azaiza has challenged Tim Schaffer and Howard Tendrich to a real debate. So far Tim has responded but is still thinking about. Howard hasn’t said a peep. That should tell you a lot about these two guys. They have nothing to say and are afraid everyone will find out. Shame on both of you Howard and Tim.

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    • I think the ER and such forget the meaning of “triage”. When I worked as an EMR, we hit a huge scene where there were multiple injuries. People were tagged:black, dead. Red, urgent. Blue, mobile. etc.Red was tended first, no matter if that person was first in line or not. Then those with injuries yet mobile and lucid. Then those mobile with non-threatening injuries. The dead were handled last.That’s triage. Head injuries supersede those with colds, sniffles, stomach flu, etc.

    • Fin blogg du har 🙂 Jeg er med – Jeg tar to lodd – Har brukt bilde Ã¥ linket til siden din via min blogg :)Ha en finfin dag 🙂

    • Lucy, I appreciate your clear thinking and writing on this. I think the real work now is happening neither "inside" nor "outside" organizations — it is emerging "between and among" people, in ways that are more adaptive to emerging reality and therefore more effective.And, a key part of our collective work is to make sense of these new ways of working, without force-fitting them into our old dualistic boundaries.Thanks for inspiring us in the exploration.

    • Lesson to be learned – don’t watch their mouthes, watch their regulatory departments. And lesson #2 for competitors, eloquently stated by Om ad infinitum, Bells won’t buy you, they’ll crush you. Can’t beat that army of MBA’s and lawyers.

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    • am a survivor of domestic violence and an advocate. As listed above, you can call that number and they can direct you to help locally. Feel free however to contact me personally. Keep hope and know that there is help out there.

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    • So it’s called “brave” when it’s gone is it? I thought it was something like “post surgery,” “trauma”….”life”. I like your term better and if it means anything to you, I go down every staircase (except the escalators in Grand Central) on my butt.Go Wyatt – you are my hero!!!

    • BUTmost students of all races have NO interest in learning!!!what a load of bullshit. MOST students of ALL RACES?you're a teacher–of what? hatred? intolerance and a lesson for why some people — thank the LORD — don't reproduce?as i've said before, the thought you teaching children is frightening and sickening. yet one wonders with your four jobs how you could possibly find the time!

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    • This is so great that I had to comment. I’m usually just a lurker, taking in knowledge and nodding my head in quiet approval at the good stuff…..this required written props. Theory rocks…thanks.

    • You can tell us all in confidence Angel …… you only gave a button to NMOTB because she slipped you R20 in a napkin whilst you were at her b’day party last weekend. She’s a cheap skate isn’t she?!?!

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    • Morning gazza, love the comments at 17a , I agree one of the gentler Giovanni puzzles, fav clues 6d and 3d, spangles, I used to love them, I think you can still get them from retro sweet shops?

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    • I’ve been blogging for 2 years now, have never wanted to restart and frankly, the idea of losing my archives terrifies me!!! :DI do sometimes think I ought to have blogged under a *real* pseudonym from the beginning… but I really don’t think I could start over, and don’t really want to.

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    • Tiens, Franz n’a pas encore fait de commentaire… ?! LOLJe te souhaite de bien bosser pour ton stage et de bien t’amuser 🙂 Cette année est passée vraiment vite, c’est incroyable.

    • Don’t be mad at me for calling you Zee, I tried to find your name on the blog I couldn’t but it’s ok anyway because I can talk with you anyway and call you my friend, I gotta say that I’m a fan of your work, we have different styles creating but the originality of your creations, like I said before inspires me with new ideas, and since I’m a beginner seeing your pieces reminds me that all our dreams can come true. Thanks again

    • Old Ghibli was good, Nausicaa, Mononoke and Laputa were brilliance, anything else doesnt fall into my realm of interest, also, Howls was overrated and generally dull.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

    • As someone who has been on Youtube for 4 years now, I am very close to just closing my account completely. This new video layout is the ugliest thing I have ever seen changed on YouTube, and it is truly putting an end to anything YouTube originally stood for. The thumbs up or thumbs down is the worst idea this site has possibly ever had, and trust me, I've seen the lot of it all.

    • Huhuhu, voilà pourquoi je n’ai jamais dit que je ne mettrai pas de pub. (Même si c’est pas à l’ordre du jour et qu’à priori j’aime pas, sait-on jamais. D’accord, faudrait faire quelque chose pour mon blog d’abord, d’accord …)

    • Brother David,While I am not sure I agree with your position on the veracity of Eusebius’ writings, an excellent post nonetheless. Thank you for your clarity in writing and more than that, for your heart for God and His people.Peace to you brother,From the Middle East

    • I for one am not willing to cut him slack on this. He's experienced enough to:1) know that words have precise meanings and to use them correctly and2) if an error was made, then clarifications should be issued asapYou may well be correct on this, Anita, but where's the clarifying statement from him?

    • Emily, you always pull at my heartstrings. Each post leaves me reconsidering the way I lived my day and how I could have shared it more with the people I love. Keep it up. It’s working. []

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    • Reading the comments, I can only think of a long-ago family friend who rode the middle seat on a B-58 Hustler. I think his comment about being B-58 crew applies to the XKE: "When everything is working right, you're in for one hell of a ride. But if anything goes wrong, you are in for one hell of a ride!" cap'n chumbucket

    • Perhaps you can pique the “researchers” interest by linking them to your brief synopsis here. This quote was a personal favorite of mine from the article and suggests maybe this study is only applicable to Canadians:“What we have shown is that with aging, plaque builds up gradually in the arteries of Canadians, and egg yolks make it build up faster — about two-thirds as much as smoking. In the long haul, egg yolks are not okay for most Canadians.”I can tell you’re aching for a bowl of Cherrios and some toast, G.

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    • I took a leak somewhere about half-way through, about the time the guys shoot up. So if it happened around then, I missed it. But when I came back it seemed like very little had happened in that two minutes. Was also hoping for more Sam Shepard. He’s in one scene, the entirety of which is shown in the trailer … Odd choice.

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    • So very pretty! Love the little "balls" of tomatoes! and that these are prepared in small tart pans. I'm a big fan of goat cheese, so all around this is a fabulous recipe!

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    • looks great! i like corals for the summer–which makes me want to check this one out..but instead, i will be strong and find one in my collection 🙂 Are you joining 5-pan? xx

    • I honestly have no idea, just none at all, why people of the world would have an affair on their significant other. They make a commitment, then they just lie and cheat? So sad… sad that even I cannot stop it, but why do men do this?

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    • Blev sÃ¥ läckert!Själv har jag inte kommit pÃ¥ vad jag ska sätta i min i sovrummet ännu men det kommer väl…..Ha´en skön kväll och en härlig morgondag!Miamaria


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    • Ella, I love the stories that you’ve shared. Thank you so much! And thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. The pineys here this year weren’t very prolific. Too hot too early, perhaps? I sure do miss those crimson and cream pineys from the farm where I grew up. Blessings to you.

    • Macus – élÅ‘ referenciák vagyunk, még annál is sokkal finomabbak! :)Maimoni – Max megcsinálja :)KisCukit Manó azóta is emlegeti, mondta, jöhet máskor is, jól tud legóból építeni :DJavul az idÅ‘, rá(d)szabadulunk mi is a fagyidra 🙂

    • Hi just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

    • Mmmmm, sí, extraño pero tiene una pinta in-creíble!! Habrá que probarlo por supuesto y ya iremos informando del resultado Un saludo desde Menorca y enhorabuena por el blog.

    •  昔、たぶん、私の親世代であれば、たぶん「姉妹で助け合うのがあたりまえ」のことだったと思います。それは、どこでも子どもの数が5人とか6人とかいて、5人も6人も同じようなもので、そして、親戚の子を預かったとしても、たいして気を使わず、放っておけたからだと思います。 しかし、現代は、子どもは一人とか2人とかだから、目配り気配りして育てているし、人様の子(姉の子だとしても、人様の子ですよね)を預かったからには、ケガさせないように、とかいろいろ気を使い、精神的にヘトヘトになってしまうものです。 お姉さんが夜仕事しているのは、たぶん、時給が高いからでしょう。同じだけ働いても、昼と夜とでは大違いですから。そして、妹のとこにも同世代の子どもがいるから、一緒に遊べるから、妹だって助かっているんじゃないの?という感じで、自分の都合よく解釈して預けに来るのでしょう。 「波風立てず」という優しいお気持ちはわかりますが、姉妹だからこそ、波風立てても、言いたいことは言ったほうがいいと思います。でも、はっきり言えなかったら、私なら「最近身体の調子が悪いので、自分の子どもとおなかの子どもだけでいっぱいいっぱい。だから、悪いけど、甥っこを預かるのはもう無理です。」と言います。出産後は、「上の子が赤ちゃん返りしちゃって、ますます手がかかるようになったから」とか言って、とにかく断ります。お姉さんが仕事を変えるか、託児所に子どもを預けるか、そういうことはお姉さんの問題なので、相談されていないのであれば、考えてあげることは必要ないと思います。 今は、何よりも、百さんの精神的安定が大切です。言いにくかったら、ご主人に悪者になってもらいましょう。

    • Nici la mine nu e prea grozav craciunul asta, inafara de cele cateva zile cu rude si momente penibile :)) Curios, si la mine tot vecinu de la trei vine in fiecare a, doar ca e mai mult decat vecinul de la trei si…ok, it's complicated :))) Cu siguranta am sa citesc povestea, am si citi cate ceva scris de tine de pe watt :)God, doar citesc posturile astea si stii, ne asemanam asa mult in unele chestii, e ca si cum tu ai exprima ceea ce multi dintre noi nu au tupeul sa o zica cu glas tare. E foarte fain :)Si ai oricand messul meu din adresa de mail, sigur iti apare la comuri 🙂

    • I personally donÂ’t believe in global warmingÂ… its not doing anything it just Earths cycle. IÂ’m tired of hearing this global warming crap. It was a lot worse than what people are telling you what is going to happen before.

    • OMG! It is simply amazing what medical science is capable of these days! And the doctors who perform these procedures are next to Godly! I have the utmost respect for all of them! As always, what a wonderful find Winnie! Thank you for sharing!PS: I had an abscess on my eye last summer but it was nothing even close to this………it felt like sandpaper was stuck on my eye. Very painful and uncomfortable.Well-loved.

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    • Not knowing the particulars, all I’ve got to say is I’m so____ tired of folks getting worked up over __stereotypical__ bad guys/gals with a shoestring of __questionable__ (i.e. news for the masses) information. Not to mention these “good” people don’t pause a moment to consider other possibilities. Pahtoohi. M

    • Hello, you used to write excellent, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… I miss your great writings. Past several posts are just a bit out of track! come on!”The smaller the understanding of the situation, the more pretentious the form of expression.” by John Romano.

    • Shannon Roberts – Hey Jen,Wondering when your next available session is. Looking for a Saturday morning or a Sunday morning where we don’t have a noon home Saints game.Will be myself, my husband, and our 5 year old Ethan.Thanks,Shannon Roberts

    • Thank you Aunty Zainu! It’s so nice to know that you’re enjoying the work / website. Several people have asked me for workshops in CT – I will have to arrange something for my next visit insh’Allah. Will keep you posted!Lots of love,Ayesha x

    • I am a big fan of dumplings in all forms. Growing up in Japan, I ate a lot of gyoza, shumai, and manjyu. They have many different forms of dumplings. I have never made empanadas but I had them many times. I am glad that I have recently run in to your blog. Going through it, appears to me that you have perfected your empanada recipe. I especially like the leek empanadas. I am going to try making couple with out making my home made dough. But rest assured, I will be trying it from scratch.Thanks for the inspiration.

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    • hello whygoldsilver,another 4 books are (non finance)…brave new world revisited…confessions of an economic hitman…the shock doctrine,and escaping the matrix by richard moore.and to return the favour,could you tell me,do you think i have a few more months before silver rockets?ive got £10k and im stacking like crazy(£700 a month out my paypacket)

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    • Amen, but you are preaching to the choir. Did you see thw WSJ article entitled "Mistakes in Scientific Studies Surge" — same problem as what you describe.mycepa

    • Regarding program design I like the Dan John principles of1) if its important do it every day e.g. squat, post chain, mobility, upper body pull etc2) If you only had 15mins to train what would you do? Kind of gets people to focus a little more and do less bench pressing and biceps curls

    • er du pÃ¥ sperre grensen sÃ¥ tar du mot de som vil velge deg….hvorfor gjør dere det da vanskelig med Ã¥de “kontakt oss” og Ã¥ legge inn innlegg……hmmm…data har dere mye Ã¥ gÃ¥ pÃ¥tekst

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    • En Chine, c’est à celle qui aura la peau la plus blanche, du coup, les filles (et les mecs aussi) se baladent sous des parapluies dans la rue dès que le soleil pointe un rayon ! Véridique !!! Même à la plage, ils sont dans l’eau, avec la bouée et tout et tout ET le parapluie pour ne pas bronzer… Je suis fan !

    • Very moving!!The struggle to survive in Peru, when you are poor is hard, very hard.We have seen similar scenes on our way down.I feel their pain.Thanks for sharing this with the “world”.Michael.[]

    • dit :Coucou ! Merci pour ce chouette concours Je suis plutôt une femme « Hippie’s » <3Je suis fan de la page Facebook de "Un bouquet de plumes" sous le pseudo JoanaRainbow.Bisous, bonne soirée !

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    • Have you ever locked yourself out of your car or house and had to resort to extreme measures?”Oh…I have done this several times. Had to break a car window once….the other time…we popped the lock on the trunk and went through the backseat (had a fold down seat in it).The house? Cut a screen a few times. One other time, my son remembered he hadn’t locked his window….it was on the second floor….guess who didn’t climb up there? Lol.Deb

    • His drinking problem really seems to be coming to light right now. It’s interesting, we promote our drunk politicians and tear them down for crying. Such a twisted group we are. Thanks for commenting again Marm

    • Yu-kai Chou| View Comments | tweetmeme_style = 'compact'; New to Gamification? Check out my post What is Gamification & my Gamification Framework: OctalysisOld Spice Does it Again(Note: to play the actual game,

    • Thanks to Rufus & Big Dave. Quite a tricky one, but very enjoyable. Managed without the hints but had “shuffle ” for 21a, didn’t think of HM for customs, well done to Rufus Favourites were 1, 10,11, 27,28 across & 26,8down, which was last in. Very entertaining.

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    • That still won’t catch new processes (temporary callouts, for example), and also will report a lot of events which do not cause actual disk actitivy (/dev/shm/, sockets, etc.).

    • Thank you, Pastor Mark!!! If we as Christians all stood firm and together on this, it wouldn’t seem so confusing. It would be easier for our children to understand and not feel left out. Keep shouting the Word of God and stepping on toes!

    • I love sephora too! I haven’t really thought of cruelty-free products (really just never even thought of it!) so this post was a great way to educate me more about cosmetics. From now on I’ll def look for cruelty-free. Thanks!

    • Hey Vickie,Great to have you here!It is great to see that you spend so much time planning. Finding a good combination between planning and executing is required to succeed.//Daniel

    • I can remember when I was young, perhaps 8 or 9 years, being at my Aunt Marie’s house after a sleep over. It was Sunday morning and something special was on the agenda in the kitchen.. Out comes my dear auntie with smaller popovers filled with chocolate pudding or lemon pudding..They were warm and fragrant and the family could have their choice. It created a wonderful memory I treasure to this day. Hers were made in a wood stove on the farm. The oven door had no window in it. I am 71 years of age.

    • All i can say is think about yourself – what came first? If you are not receiving treatment for the depression demand it. Accepting that there is no cure is also a good thing and telling your Dr to stop trying to cure you because it is never going happen and that fact is not their fault, it is just the way it is. Good luck.

    • 12:44 pm, November 16, 2012|The books are actually good and when I saw the trailer I just thought yes they are focusing what the books focus on demon hunting, vampires, werewolves, warlocks and less on clary and jace’s romance aspect. The trailer looks very action’y like the books and could just as well do the books justice. Very much unlike Twilight

    • I had similar experiences to chooseareality’sCompanies seems to be really unable/unwilling to change people’s names. Even if you got all your paperwork.Forcing people to show their real and sometimes outdated names is absolutely not cool.Also it open the gates for all kind of gender based online harassment.

    • Mencius has every right to conceal his identity in public.Um, the first step in protecting that right is to refuse to speak in public. If you want to speak in public it is intellectually dishonest to wear a mask or speak from behind a screen or conceal your identity in any other way. If I'd organized this conference, I wouldn't have let MM speak on those terms.

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    • Such lovely sentiments. I hope your community heals quickly from the tragedy that has fallen upon it. (BTW, love the sandwich shop and your reflection with a pretty teal blue bag.)

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    • Heldig gris. Det var vireklig ett flott dukkehus. Noe slikt bør alle hjem ha. Gleder meg til Ã¥ lese mer om huset her pÃ¥ bloggen, for hÃ¥per vi fÃ¥r se interiør bilder av dette huset ogsÃ¥:-)

    • Love this soup just made it! Recipe looks good however for a deeper richer authentic flavor soup & being native Thai & growing up with my mom making it; the recipe left out galanga, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, limes(Thai people rarely use lemon in cooking actually never used it in cooking Thai)& fish sauce.

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    • halli hallo,na das finde ich doch klasse…schön ist sie geworden und scheint (dank deiner beschreibung) auch nicht schwer zu sein…cool glg sabine

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    • Kudos for running the Half Marathon. I ran around Haines Point on Saturday and it was beautiful outside.This winter/spring was a big transition for me too. Coming from Wisconsin, this winter was a bit of a disappointment. Didn't think I'd miss the snow so much. Spring is just around the corner…

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    • Je dirais comme la plupart des autres commentaires: Les regles de la route sont faites pour tous, si un policier demande de nous arreter on s’arrete et voila. Je reconnais que c’est malheureux mais bon il a pris ses responsabilites en prenant la fuite. Un peu marre de payer pour des inconscients …Je ne vois pas trop l’interet de cet article (au demeurant tres partial) et je trouve que c’est une bonne chose que cet evenement n’ai pas ete repris ad nauseam par les autres medias.

    • Es ist immer mehr zu beobachten wie internationale Unternehmen Social Media Aktivitäten durchführen. Natürlich steckt das alles noch in den Kinderschuhen, ich bin sehr überzeugt davon dass es bald für Unternehmen unerlässlich wird auf diesem Markt bewusst zu agieren.

    • A camera, again? That's got to be slowing you down. Or maybe you are stashing it up there!I was going to raise my hand last night at BTR and ask Jeremy why he can't fix you…but JV reminded me you did 143 miles last week.

    • Nice remix, but i know how you do that man, i don’t need any video for that ¯____¯ u know, sometimes u need to be patient to be intelligent and i’m not patient so i’m stupid. Today u learned me how much you were funny ;D

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    • I'm with Stranger…wait, no, I'm gonna split with Stranger by listing his preferences in the opposite order.Which makes this a heck of a lot like the Church of the SubGenius, wherein one's first official act (for given values of official) is supposed to be to declare a schism.Praise Bob!

    • Ja, ich kenn noch einen weiteren solchen Mythos: Man müsse den “dominanten” Hund ins Ohr beißen !!!!!!Das erste Mal hab ich das in einem Spielfilm rund um Huskys gesehen und afnd es schon recht skurril. Zwischenzeitlich hab ich schon reale Hundebesitzer getroffen, die das tatsächlich glauben und auch schon praktiziert haben.Ts Ts Ts

    • “Balls” only works in this scenario if everyone grows them at once. Otherwise competition drives you out of the game earlier than paycheck-to-paycheck attrition. That’s just how things are.

    • Hello Madicent7,Thanks for responding. I think we’ve started a very interesting discussion. You bring up some really good points and even pointed out an error I made. Unfortunately I’m really busy at work today and don’t have time to write a response worthy of your rebuttal yet. A response is forthcoming though, I promise.Have a good day!

    • leann – What an awesome picture. The birth of a new grandmother! You can see the pride in her eyes and protection in her arms. This is a picture you will treasure forever!

    • Davvero fate un corso a Sarmede? Che bello!Passo da un sentimento di sana invidia (prima parte del post) a (seconda parte del post) una felicità trattenuta (trattenuta perché mi trovo in luogo pubblico dove il giubilo incontrollato non è ammesso)Grazie!

    • Tried it today to compare with other market options. Is google considering adding device – software and hardware policy management.Now that would be nice!Lets dream a little more… What about corporate file push, software push…Oh, then there is remote assistance. Oh google I know you can do it 🙂

    • By July 29, 2010 – 11:00 pmWhat a powerful and inspiring report Andy! Thank you URM team and partner groups and churches for making a difference in downtown Los Angeles through your support of URM.

    • Aunque ya no vengas a nuestro “cole” ni nuestra clase, tu siempre serás una más y te echamos de menos. Cuando quieras puedes utilizar el blog y saludar a tus compañeras y compañeros que también se acuerdan de ti.Aprovecha el tiempo en tu nuevo colegio para que aprendas, muchas, muchas cosas. Dales un saludo a tus papás.Hasta pronto.

    • Inwiefern geht mein Hinweis ins Leere? Indiziert ist etwas ganz anderes als verboten.Läge Kinderpornographie gemäß vor, wäre der Verkauf des Buches strafbar. Ist das Buch nur indiziert, darf es frei verkauft werden,eben nur nicht an Personen, die minderjährig sind.Das ist etwa wie der rechtliche Unterschied zwischen Nikotin und Kokain. Das halte ich für nicht marginal.

    • 44 milhões de brasileiros nunca mataram um inocente no ventre da mãe, nunca contribuíram com o tráfico de drogas nem com um negócio para lavagem de dinheiro. Serão 88 milhões de pés no traseiro deste imbecil, se ele se aventurar fora do Rio de Janeiro.

    • thanks! so glad you liked it and thanks for commenting! this blouse/dress is rad. i'm super tall but i'd probably try to get away wearing it as a dress too. like it a lot!

    • This is interesting. I expected the celebrity numbers to be higher considering folks lose their minds when it comes to fashion and other products celebs buy. Personally I pay more attention to blogs and what Twitter is talking about so I fit into that under 35 crowd (28 years old exactly). Interesting how times have changed.

    • ok… sy memang akan pergi konsert depa.. tetapi terlebih dahulu haruslah balik kg. dulu smbt raya haji, walaupun raya di kampung tak semeriah di pantai timur… anyway.. Mak beli paling murah je nokkk….GD.. only can see you from far.. don’t worry.. I will stalk you at airport when you arrive or depart from malaysia.. wakakaka… wait for me…..

    • It’s only “open” if the inflow from government is defined to be from outside the system. If the system includes government, then it is closed. The government’s deficit is the other sectors’ surplus. The net of all flows in the system is zero, and financial assets are conserved.

    • Thanks, Stephanie. I’m just in a funk at the moment. Basically, not very happy with myself. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m not sure what happened here. I WILL get back on track, I promise. As always, thanks so much for your support!! Have a great Sunday!!

    • больше всего онравилось Strip Steve — The Freaks!Les Petits Pilous — Lazy RiderСириусмо видно все силы на альбом отдал…

    • I agree with what Emily said. The way you photographed him say so much about the way people walked right by him, just like they didn’t even see him.So glad you were able to share him with us.Lorie Shewbridge´s last [type] ..

    • I totally agree!!! Love this post. I’m not great at poaching eggs, but my husband is a master at it. He just uses a deep skillet, no vinegar and they come out perfect every time.

    • hmm when i refresh the page it reposts my old messages, please ignore the extra ones they are not ment to be spam oh yeah and get rid of this national garbage

    • Riiiiiight, always blame the keeper.Cameron made a first cap mistake or more accurately was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Get over it and focus on his next cap.

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    • Always reehrsfing to hear a rational answer.

    • Its funny how everyone loves different bits of this album. Personally I wish the first track was split into 2 pieces so I don’t have to listen to Pt1 each time. I almost hate El Dorado as it just doesn’t seem to go anywhere… that sounds to me like a rushed song.I think Coming Home is more Bruce solo, but an interesting departure for Maiden that I am looking forward to hearing live and When the Wild Wind Blows is killer to me. The song seems to fly by and gives me chills each time I listen to it….